The Vision

From Vision to Icon

Skye is imagination realised.

Right from the project’s conception, Crown Group CEO Iwan Sunito had a vision for Skye: he dreamt of an architectural icon that would transform North Sydney living. Overlooking the CBD, the building is elegant and timeless in style and sets a new benchmark for urban sophistication.

Sharing Crown Group’s vision for architectural excellence is Koichi Takada Architects, a principal partner for this project. Acclaimed both locally and abroad, Koichi Takada Architects has fused its Japanese design sensibility with the innovative spirit of Crown Group, to deliver a design as inspired by nature as it is by modern art.

Together, Sunito and Koichi have shared a vision, shaped it to fruition, and introduced North Sydney to an amenity-rich living experience that will undoubtedly become iconic.

Skye will be a milestone revered for decades to come.